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David  Mizrahi

David Mizrahi

President | CEO

For over forty years, my passion has been steering my clients toward financial freedom during complex times and volatile markets. However, my personal commitment to the individuals, families, and organizations who put their trust in me, combined with my profound sense of integrity, is the foundation of my practice.

I begin my relationships by obtaining an in-depth understanding of each individual or entity's risk tolerance. I listen carefully to grasp specific needs, then carefully map strategies that manage, grow, and protect wealth to ensure continuing success.

Being independent has enabled me to present my clients with the most effective strategies and products that truly serve their needs and financial goals. Although I've worked as a managing director in big money center brokerages such as Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, and Wells Fargo Advisors, I realized that those corporations' needs did not match my clients' goals. I saw that the best way to serve my relationships was to break away from these "big box" institutions, and I formed First Point Financial Management.

My passion for my business and clients spills over to my personal life. I travel the world to pursue my love of surfing, golfing, skiing, and hiking, and I always carry my camera to capture scenes that grab my eye at home and abroad. But I'm happiest when playing with my three grandchildren and passing on my love of the outdoors and devotion to family.